Deepen your understanding of some of the most central prayers of Yom Kippur and reflect on their meaning in our lives today.
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Managing Regret / Kol Nidrei
What promises have you made that you later regretted? Explore the Kol Nidre prayer and consider promises of the past and future.
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I Remember / Yizkor
How do we remember our loved ones? How do we continue their legacy?
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Locking the Gates / Neilah
What do you want to focus on during the last few minutes of Yom Kippur? A look at the last service of Yom Kippur: Neilah
Sefaria Education789 ViewsAug 12 2020Yom Kippur,Prayer
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We Need Each Other / Ki Anu Amecha
The relationship between God and people is a two way street. Explore this relationship as expressed in the Yom Kippur prayer, "We are Your People and You are our God."
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Like Clay in the Hand of the Potter / KeChomer B'Yad HaYotzer
Examine the metaphors which compare the world of crafting with managing the world. What metaphors would you use?
Sefaria Education1506 ViewsAug 5 2020Yom Kippur,Machzor,Piyyut
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Praying with Sinners / LeHitpallel im HaAvaryanim
Have you ever felt that you did something so wrong that you deserved to be excluded from a group or an experience? Actually, everyone missed the mark this year. We need a full representation of the diversity of our people in order to be a part of an authentic process of repair.
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Standing in the Courtyard / Seder HaAvodah
A close look at the priest's service in the Temple on Yom Kippur and popular Israeli singer, Yishai Ribo's song can help us imagine ourselves in the shoes of the High Priest, and open a window into some of the possible emotions of being so immersed in Divine service on this special day of the year.
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered / Avinu Malkeinu
Avinu Malkeinu is a central prayer of the ten days of repentance, which begin on Rosh Hashanah and conclude on Yom Kippur. Both the words and the melody evoke deep emotion as the congregation connects with God as a parent and monarch.
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When Our Past Catches Up With Us / Eleh Ezkerah
How do the mistakes of our past continue to haunt the present? The paragraph below introduces us to a ruler who despised the Jews, and the terrible consequences of his actions.
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Why Do We Forgive? / Mechol LaAvonoteinu
The theme of forgiveness reverberates throughout the Yom Kippur service. Everything we have done wrong is like a cloud or a mist, obscuring something about our true selves, and we pray to have all our wrongdoing stripped away so that we can start over in the new year.
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