A look into the structure of the Shema and its blessings, and the story they tell.
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Blessing of Creation: Yotzer Or and Ma'ariv Aravim
Looking at the Yotzer Or and Ma'ariv Aravim, the First Blessings of the Shema.
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Blessing of Revelation: Ahavat Olam and Ahavah Rabbah
Digging into Ahavat Olam and Ahava Rabba, the Blessings of Revelation
Liz Levin129 ViewsMarch 13, 2023Ahava,Revelation,Shema,Chosenness,Love
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Blessing of Redemption: Emet v'Yatziv and Emet v'Emunah
Looking at the Emet v'Yatziv and the Emet v'Emunah, the blessings of redemption.
Liz Levin153 ViewsMarch 16, 2023Redemption,Shema,Truth
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The Three Paragraphs of the Shema
Thinking about the structure and content of the Shema
Liz Levin753 ViewsMarch 8, 2023Education,Teaching Torah,Shema,V'ahavta
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