You can use Sefaria to post your sermons, Divrei Torah, and Derashot for those in your community and the broader Jewish world to read, watch, and listen to! This is especially important in 2020 when most congregations are unable to meet in person. We've curated this collection of excellent 2020/5781 High Holiday sermons from rabbis across North America. Feel free to read through the content, watch the video recordings, and explore how you can use Sefaria's tools to share the Divrei Torah you would like to offer the world. Interested in having your High Holiday sermons featured in this collection? Check out this sheet to learn how:
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How Do I Create My Sermon / Dvar Torah On Sefaria?
A how-to on writing sermons/divrei Torah on Sefaria.
Sefaria Education1847 ViewsOctober 8, 2020FAQ,Sermons,Sermons on Sefaria
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A Masked Rosh Hashanah, A Masked Shofar: Discovering Our Greatest Selves
This was written by Rabbi Steven Exler of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale - The Bayit (New York, NY) for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781.
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Listening to the Second Voice – Rosh Hashanah 2020
This was written by Rabbi Jason Strauss of Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe (Brookline, MA) for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781.
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Why We Fight – Yom Kippur 2020
This was written by Rabbi Jason Strauss of Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe (Brookline, MA) for Yom Kippur 2020/5781.
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High Holiday Sermon
A look at Kol Nidrei, including why the Ashkenazic and Sephardic versions are different.
Not PublishedSefaria Education534 ViewsSeptember 2, 2020Sermons,2022,Kol Nidre,5783
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Plagues, Modern Day Pharoah, Creating Holiness and Building for a Redeemed Future
This was written by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (New York, NY) for Kol Nidre 2020/5781.
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And Who By Plague
This was written by Rabbi Matt Nover of Beth El Synagogue in East Windsor, NJ for Kol Nidre Evening 2020. Recorded Post Yom Kippur
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Rabbi David Ingber's Neila/Yom Kippur Sermon
This was written by Rabbi David Ingber of Kehilat Romemu (New York, NY) for Neila/Yom Kippur 2020/5781.
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The Daily and the Mundane
This was written by Rabbi Annie Tucker of Temple Israel Center (White Plains, NY) for Yizkor on Yom Kippur 2020/5781.
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RH Drash - Maggid Jhos Singer
This was written by Maggis John Singer of Chochmat HaLev (Berkeley, CA) for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781.
Jhos Singer1008 ViewsOctober 9, 2020Rosh Hashanah,2020,5781,Sermons
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Eych Nashir: How Can We Sing in Exile?
This was written by Rabbi Mónica Gomery of Kol Tzedek (Philadelphia, PA) for Yom Kippur 2020/5781.
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Kol d’mama vs Kol Shofar: The Sounds of the Almighty
This was written by Rabbi Alon Meltzer of Or Chadash Synagogue (Sydney, Australia) for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781.
Not PublishedAlon Meltzer578 ViewsOctober 12, 2020Sermons on Sefaria,Rosh Hashanah,2020,5781,Sermons
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#afterallthosethings: Or Hagar and Isaac at the Well of Resilience
This text sheet and sermon trace Isaac's experience after the Akedah, showing a path of resilience and recovery.
Not PublishedJen Gubitz616 ViewsNovember 10, 2020Isaac,Chayei Sara
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Unfolding Our Theology in a Force Majeure World
Not PublishedJen Gubitz592 ViewsOctober 19, 2020
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"Why Are You Still Carrying Her?"
High Holy Day Sermon - "Why are you still carrying her?"
Michael Harvey4361 ViewsOctober 10, 2020Sermons,Sermon,High Holy Day
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"We Didn't Start the Fire"
High Holy Day Sermon - We Didn't Start the Fire
Michael Harvey2259 ViewsOctober 10, 2020Billy Joel,Sermons,High Holy Days,Sermon
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"We're in the Prayerbook"
High Holy Day Sermon - "We're in the Prayerbook"
Michael Harvey1418 ViewsOctober 10, 2020High Holy Day,Sermons,Sermon
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Shabbat Shuvah 5781/2020 Fasting: Human Weakness or Human Greatness?
Shabbat Shuvah 5781 Fasting: Human Weakness or Human Greatness?
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