Resources aimed at illuminating the inner essence and intended goals of Jewish rituals.
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Overview of Amidah Prayers on Shabbos
Do the Amidah prayers we say on Shabbos all seem to sound alike? In reality, each one has its own special identity and message. Understanding the varied messages will bring new meaning to the Tefillos and experience of Shabbos...
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Picking up the Pieces: Lessons from Shviras HaLuchos (and NBA Personalities)
Original audience: 6th-9th grade boys on Shavuos night, 2019. Summary / aim of the shiur and source sheet: Investigating the reasoning behind the explanations provided by various Mephorshim for Moshe's breaking of the Luchos, viewing the act of the Luchos breaking (i.e. Torah that was primed to be transmitted to us, but cut off before reaching us) as Bnei Yisrael being prevented from accessing Torah, and why we, in today's modern era, sometimes find it difficult to connect to Torah and kiyum hamitzvos. Given the audience, I wove-in in basketball personalities - representing either good or bad "middos" that a given player has - that have contributed to his success or failure as a player. General format: a. NBA player mashal b. Parshan's unique explanation of the incident of Shviras Luchos c. Middah represented, and application to our lives
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