Offerings in the Beit Midrsah, Study Center, of the Romemu, NYC community
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Moses' Encounter at the Burning Bush
Third session of series tracing Moses' development and evolving consciousness. This session explores the Torah's Burning Bush narrative.
Dianne Cohler-Esses220 ViewsNov 23 2020
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The Healing Powers of Morning (Not grief-- coffee!!)
This source sheet was designed for an open community beit midrash at Romemu, part of a series on "Healing." My goal was to use tefillah and other texts to wake us to the power of morning. What do we miss every day as we go through our morning routines? What consciousness can tefillah or even the simple fact of greater awareness add to our daily experience?
Dianne Cohler-Esses515 ViewsMar 12 2019
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