Curriculum for SF Hillel's QJew course on queer Jewish studies.
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Week 7: Queerness and Uncertainty
Queerness, s'fekah, mamzerim, and dealing with the uncategorizable.
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Week 6: Queer Male Sexuality
Some introductory gay male halacha, and some queer male historical representation as well.
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Week 5: Transgender and Intersex
An introduction to the wacky and wonderful gender variance in our texts
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Week 4: Queer Female Sexuality
What does Judaism say about queer female/lesbian sexuality? Very little. But we should know what it does say, and a little more about queer Jewish women in history.
Matthew Lacoff71 ViewsMay 28, 2024Women,LGBTQ
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Week 2: Restrictions on Heterosexuality
Understanding the ways heterosexuality is legislated, before we dive into the legislations on queer sexuality.
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Week 1: How to QJew
Matthew Lacoff81 ViewsMay 13, 2024
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