A Holy Temple on Mount Moriah has been discovered. The stone Temple is dated to the time of Shem-MalchiTzedek and went out of service after Jacob was exiled to Egypt.
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To The Place I Have Prepared & Archaeology
What troubled Rashi about the place God prepared?
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I'm Sure We Have Found “The Altar” of Akeida!
Locating the altar of Akeida is prerequisite for the the Third Temple, now it has been found.
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These are the various sources that support the recent archaeological discovery of the matzevah located in the City of David, Jerusalem, most likely the one erected by Jacob.
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“Jacob gave the name Beit El to Jerusalem” (Pesachim 88a)
Jereboam confused Israel about the true location of original Beit El
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Mizbeach Akeida
What is Rambam saying? Mount Moriah is the precise place for the Altar? Or is he being even more specific?
Kevin Bermeister1774 ViewsJune 25, 2020Mizbeach,Rambam,Altar,Akeida
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Jacob's El BeitEl
Beit El is important to Jacob. In his encounter with it, the name appears in 8 different verses among which he names it on three different occasions. But it's location remains confused and sometime controversial.
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II Kings 23:4 - Beit El Proof Text
II Kings 23:4 is a proof text that Beit El of Jacob is at the City of David, Jerusalem
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