The Midrash Theatre Company is a fictional theatre house in the Talmudic era where some of the greatest tales were written and performed.
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The Satan Clause & Other Angel of Death Tales (Midrash Theatre Company)
The Talmudic accounts of the Angel of Death are reimagined as theatrical performances by the great Amora and Drashan, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi (Joshua Ben-Levi). Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi himself is reimagined as a playwright in a "Midrash Theatre Company" in Alexandria, Egypt in the Third Century (CE).
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More Adventures of Joshua ben Levi (Midrash Theatre Company)
This sheet is presented as added material to the Sefaria worksheet titled: The Satan Clause & Other Angel of Death Tales
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Peleimu vs Satan (Midrash Theatre Company)
The Talmud recounts a bizzare tale of the Sage Peleimu and Satan. The scene is set for a Yom Kippur eve showdown.
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