Ruth Rabbah delves into the themes of the book of Ruth and provides a variety of interpretations and fascinating details. Why does Ruth follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to Israel? Why does Boaz act with such generosity to Ruth? What does any of this have to do with Shavuot, and how do we create the possibility of redemption in a broken world? Join us on our learning journey through these four sheets!
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Ruth: A Torah of Kindness
A study of the Book of Ruth through the eyes of Midrash Ruth Rabbah. This sheet investigates one of the main themes, chesed (loving-kindness). Why was the book of Ruth included in the Tanakh? What does it have to teach us about the power of chesed?
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Ruth: A Torah of Kindness/Learn the Sources
Sources to accompany the sheet Ruth: A Torah of Kindness.
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Commitment: Going the Extra Mile
What is the nature of the commitment between Ruth and Naomi? What exactly did Ruth commit to? This sheet develops the theme of commitment in the book of Ruth with the help of Ruth Rabbah.
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Commitment: Going the Extra Mile/Learn the Sources
Sources to accompany the sheet Commitment: Going the Extra Mile.
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Was it Me or Was it Destiny?
Are the events that unfold in the book of Ruth a mere coincidence or are they an example of Divine providence? Ruth Rabbah imagines what was happening behind the scenes and gives us insights into the perspective of the midrash’s authors
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Was it Me or Was it Destiny?/Learn the Sources
Sources to accompany the sheet Was it Me or Was it Destiny?
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How to Change the World
The story of Ruth begins with famine, death, and exile. Will anything good come after the suffering, or is it all meaningless? Explore the theme of redemption and consider the role that we play in changing the course of the future.
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How to Change the World/Learn the Sources
Sources to accompany the sheet How to Change the World.
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