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Kindness - Chesed - חֶסֶד
For study about the middah of kindness created for FJC"s Putting the Me inMiddot study.
Stacy Rigler1745 ViewsDecember 2, 2021Kindness,Chesed
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Discipline & Will Power - Gevurah - גְּבוּרָה
Create for Foundation for Jewish Camp's Putting the Me in Middot - reflection on what it means to have discipline and will power
Stacy Rigler1502 ViewsNovember 11, 2021Discipline,Gevurah,Will Power
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This sheet was created for Foundation for Jewish Camp's Putting the Me in Middot. We are exploring the middah of wonder.
Stacy Rigler1083 ViewsDecember 9, 2021Wonder,Curiosity,Malchut
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Contentment - Histapkut - הִסְתַּפְּקוּת
Created for FJC's Putting the Me in Middot Program
Stacy Rigler1568 ViewsOctober 25, 2021Contentment,Histapkut
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Understanding- Binah - בינה
Stacy Rigler2317 ViewsOctober 5, 2021
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