A collection to celebrate the foods of the Seder, from Sefaria's Chief Learning Officer, Sara Wolkenfeld. I love sharing thoughts about the foods we are eating throughout the night, and this collection is where I keep all of the sheets I find on Sefaria that speak to this theme.
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Karpas: Why do we dip?
Marc Fein2150 ViewsMarch 23, 2020
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Love and Labour: Charoset 5778
Lisa Grushcow969 ViewsMarch 31, 2018
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What is Maror? The Answer Goes To The Highest Bitter
An enlightening text study on the origins of Maror, from the tanach through the mishna and talmud. To be used at your seder or any other time. It concludes with a teaching on the concept of bitterness -- perhaps in eating it, we not only recall the bitterness of slavery, but the bitter waters of Marah. The reason the children of Israel say the water is bitter is because they can't taste sweetness after their traumatic slavery. See final source. (With thanks to Rabbi Jon Kelsen for that teaching.) Recommended activity: Buy Romaine lettuce, chicory (or radicchio), endive, a bitter leaf like dandelion greens, possibly arugula; arrange them nicely on a plate and have people sample them after studying these sources.
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