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Should I Make a Berakha When Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Teshuva/Responsa on "Do I make a brakha when receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot or when it begins to be distributed in my city? If so, what brakha?"
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Tisha B’Av – Aseh Lecha Rav Translation by Rabbi Avi Schwartz ('17), Introduction by Rabbi Dov Linzer by Rabbi Avram Schwartz
The teshuva below, which is undated, deals with the question of the recitation of the Nahem prayer on Tisha b’Av, which describes Jerusalem as the city that is “destroyed, disagreed and desolate without her children.” Writing after the Six Day War, Rav HaLevi speaks personally about how difficult it was for him to recite these words, given the sense of joy in the rebuilt Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty, and how to read the prayer as written would be a violation of “speaking falsehoods before God.”
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Women and Kri’at Hatorah: Response to Rav Yoni Rosensweig by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz
Rav Katz responds to Rav Rosensweig re: kriyat hatorah and women.
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Further on Women and Kri’at HaTorah: A Response to Rabbi Aryeh Klapper by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz
In this article in a series of articles, Rabbi Katz responds to Rabbi Klapper's response to his teshuva regarding women and communal torah reading
Ysoscher Katz1225 ViewsAugust 12, 2019Torah,Women,Kavod Hatzibbur,YCTorah
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Women and Kriyat HaTorah: A Response from Rabbi Aryeh Klapper
Rabbi Aryeh Klapper responds to Rabbi Katz's argument in favor of women receiving aliyot/reading from the torah
Aryeh Klapper1483 ViewsAugust 9, 2019Law,Prayer,Women,YCTorah,Torah
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Women and Kriyat HaTorah by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz
A refutation to Rabbis Dov and Aryeh Frimer’s (shlita)'s article, in halachick support of women reading from the torah
Ysoscher Katz3051 ViewsAugust 5, 2019Torah,YCTorah,Law,Women,Prayer
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Eating the Placenta: A Halakhic Option? by Rabbi Dov Linzer
So – my question to you is – is it permissible according to halakhah to eat the placenta, by chewing it and spitting it out or even swallowing it? I find the idea repulsive; but if I decide that I am willing to do it, may I do so according to halakhah?
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Iggros Moshe A to Z: B is for Birth Control by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Iggros Moshe on Birth Control: IUDs, condoms, & a woman's right to choose. Brought to you by YCT's podcast "Iggros Moshe A-Z"
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Iggros Moshe A to Z: A is for America by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Iggros Moshe on the Goldene Medina: Education Fraud, Tenant's Rights & The Death Penalty. Brought to you by YCT
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The Pornography Episode- Joy of Text 1:6 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
In this episode of The Joy of Text: Can pornography have a place in an observant Jewish life? Plus, a principal talks about his school’s approach to sex ed, and a question about revealing one’s past sexual history.
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Fantasy, Concealing Abuse, Kama Sutra cards and vibrators- Joy of Text 1:1 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Our first episode of The Joy of Text! We talk about fantasy: is there such thing as a “normal” fantasy? What’s the history of fantasizing in Judaism? What does Jewish law have to say about it? We also interviewed Michael Lesher about his new book on covering up sexual abuse in Orthodox communities. Finally, we respond to a couple of listener questions about Kama Sutra cards and vibrators.
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Hiding Under the Bed- Joy of Text 1:8 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
These sources accompany the eigth (mini) episode of the The Joy of Text presented by YCT and JOFA
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How to Conceive a Baby Boy- Joy of Text 1:10 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
These sources accompany the tenth (mini) episode of The Joy of Text from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and JOFA
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They Become One Flesh: Joy of Text 1:12 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
These sources accompany the (mini) 12th episode of The Joy of Text, a podcast from Yeshiva Chovevi Torah and JOFA
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Male Masturbation & How to Stop Shul Sexual Abuse Before It Starts- Joy of Text 1:9 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
In this episode of the Joy of Text: a discussion of sources about male masturbation in Talmudic contexts and today, plus a discussion of yichud for LGBTQAI+ peoples.
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What in the World is a Virgin?- Joy of Text 1:4 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Our hosts talk about the meaning of “virginity” in medicine and Jewish law. Then they talk with Dr. Joel Hecker about sexuality and Jewish mysticism. In the Q&A: What happens when the rules about physical intimacy clash with a mother’s postpartum depression? The Joy of Text is produced by Jewish Public Media and co-sponsored by YCT’s Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies and JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.
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The Sex Signals Episode- Joy of Text 2:1 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
How can you use your flower arrangements to signal to your partner that you want sex? How does the commandment of tzniut affect women’s sexuality? What sex positions are halakhically permissible? Learn the answers to these questions and more on the first episode of Season Two of The Joy of Text! In this episode we respond to a listener’s question about wives initiating sex, talk to Yaakov Shapiro about his book, “Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion in the Marital Bed,” and introduce our newest segment of The Joy of the Text – “The Final Word.”
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Birkat Erusin- Joy of Text 2:2 by Rabbi Dov Linzer
What are the words of the first blessing said under the huppah? Why do we open the wedding ceremony by mentioning the prohibition against arayot? How does this blessing reflect the bond being formed between two individuals under the huppah? Listen to this mini Joy of Text episode to find out!
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