collection of sheets on what I call the Lilith-Eve dichotomy in which I look at someone faced with a pair of opposites to choose from.
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Lilith-Eve Dichotomy Overview
Notes for a Rosh Hodesh session exploring stories in which an "Adam" character meets a "Lilith" and an "Eve" in Jewish and secular literature. This sheet is an overview to go with more detailed sheets in the same collection.
Rose Myers397 ViewsFebruary 13, 2023Lilith,Adam and Eve
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Lilith-Eve Dichotomy Bibliography
a first, quick attempt to list works relevant to or used for to my Lililth-Eve Dichotomy thoughts
Rose Myers299 ViewsFebruary 16, 2023
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My thoughts about the Lilith-Eve Dichotomy
Notes to introduce Rosh Hodesh session on the Lilith-Eve dichotomy; not a handout.
Rose Myers339 ViewsFebruary 14, 2023Eve,Lilith,Adam and Eve
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Lilith / Eve: Chart contrasting characteristics
Brief list of contrasting characteristics of Lilith and Eve based on the Torah and Midrash
Rose Myers350 ViewsFebruary 13, 2023Lilith,Eve
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Lilith-Eve Dichotomy in the Tanach and Midrash
A table with examples of the Lilith-Eve dichotomy in Jewish texts. The table looks wonky and I don't know how to fix it. I ended up putting it in Google Docs:
Rose Myers401 ViewsFebruary 14, 2023Lilith,Eve
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The Lilith-Eve Dichotomy - sources
A few sources from the Tanach, Talmud and Midrash about the creation of Adam, Eve, and Lilith
Rose Myers473 ViewsNovember 21, 2022Eve,Lilith,Adam,Adam and Eve
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