Lilith-Eve Dichotomy in the Tanach and Midrash
A table with examples of the Lilith-Eve dichotomy in Jewish texts. The table looks wonky and I don't know how to fix it. I ended up putting it in Google Docs:
Also, if anyone knows how to link to the texts I noted, please let me know.

I have also created a Google Doc with the Lilith-Eve Dichotomy in Secular Literature: Not sure if it's legitimate to have in Sefaria.
+/- "Adam" "Lilith"


+ Adam Lilith -

Eve +

In the Midrash and Torah, Lilith runs away from Adam to become queen of the demons and Adam ends up with a subservient Eve. (Gen 3:16)
- God Cain - Abel + God chooses Abel, whose sacrifice pleases Him, but Cain is responsible for his death. (Gen 4:2-16)
+ Abraham Sarah + Hagar / Keturah + Abraham and Sarah journey and work together as equals. Hagar is a servant; after Sarah dies, Hagar, aka Keturah, becomes Abraham's concubine and has many children. (Rashi on Gen 25:1)
+ Sarah Ishmael - Isaac + Sarah sees Ishmael as a monster and, not surprisingly, chooses her own son. God agrees with her choice. (Gen 21:9-12)
- Isaac Esau + Jacob - Isaac prefers Esau---maybe he likes the meat Esau provides or Esau reminds Isaac of Ishmael and Isaac has always wanted a better relationship with him (my theory). Even blind, perhaps Isaac still sees Jacob as a heel. But Esau loses his birthright and blessing and Jacob leaves. In other words, Isaac is left without either son.
+ Rebecca Esau - Jacob + Rebecca prefers Jacob (Gen 25:28), who ends up with Isaac's blessing and who becomes the third Patriarch.
+ Jacob Rachel + Leah - Jacob prefers Rachel, but gets both of them. All we know of Leah is she has unusual eyes (Gen 29:17). We don't know much more about Rachel.
+ Elkanah Penninah - Hannah + Elkanah prefers Hannah to Penninah, who is mean to Hannah. Hannah gives birth to Samuel and her story and prayer are recited on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. (I Sam 2:1-10)
+ Samuel / God David + Saul - Saul is too eager to please (Eve) and has bouts of homicidal insanity (Lilith) against David. He is rejected by God and Samuel. David is the brilliant warrior who kills Goliath (Lilith) and the sweet singer of psalms (Eve).
+ Ahashverosh Vashti - Esther + The Tanach shows Vashti refusing to submit to the king; the Midrash has fun describing Vashti as having leprosy and a tail. Esther appears modest and obedient; although she manipulates the king to save her people.