A six-session course on supernatural ideas and questions
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Jewish Supernatural ~ Ghosts
Jewish stories about ghosts and the values they teach us
Nelly Altenburger188 ViewsJuly 2, 2023Dead,Ghosts,Afterlife
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Jewish Supernatural IV ~ Amulets through the ages
An overview of many ways of how Jews made amulets throughout the ages
Nelly Altenburger428 ViewsApril 28, 2023
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Jewish Supernatural V - NDE and other worlds
An exploration of the phenomena of Near Death Experiences (meaning, people who almost die and yet come back to tell us what they have seen) as present in our tradition. Also, sources on how do we make it to Olam Habah.
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Jewish Supernatural III - Possessions: Dybbuk, Ibbur, Maggid
A survey of spiritual possession in Judaism through the ages
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Jewish Supernatural II - Demons
Demons are much more scant in the Tanach than angels, being a lot more prevalent in the New Testament. We see the transition of the word satan from verb to being. The Babylonian Talmud, in consonance with the prevailing attitudes in Babylonian, saw demons everywhere. Despite that attitude, rationalists among Jewish thinkers will negate the existence of such voices. The Babylonian Talmud does, however, set a caveat regarding "feeling" the presence of such forces given a desire to feel them. This source sheet also highlights the stories surrounding two specific demons, Lilith and Ashmedai.
Nelly Altenburger390 ViewsApril 16, 2023Demons,Ashmedai,Lilith
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Jewish Supernatural I - Angels
An overview of the development of Jewish thought about angels, beginning in Tanach and going to modern times. Basic takeaways: angels in Judaism are not "good" or "bad", they do simply God's will. Angels can be - and so are - downright terrifying. Maimonides understands all of life to be filed with angels, as he transforms most natural forces into angels. There is a modern tendency of transforming feelings into angels. Our Kedushah in the Amidah relies heavily into to basic texts to be meaningful.
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