Creativity is a transformative practice, a powerful new pathway for engaging Judaism, and an essential tool for bringing about a more just world. Through the synergy of Jewish learning and creative practice the Jewish Studio Process builds resilience and empathy, activates prophetic imagination, and inspires new approaches to society’s most pressing problems. By making this work available to a diverse audience, including educators, activists, those on the margins of the Jewish community and those who hold the levers of institutional power, JSP is helping to seed a future in which every person is connected to their creativity as a force for healing, liberation and transformation.
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The Jewish Studio Project's Approach to Text Study
The core of JSP’s work is a unique methodology that combines traditional Jewish text study (using a Beit Midrash model) with a structured process of art making (visual and plastic arts as well as creative writing).
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Creativity as Spiritual Practice by Rabbi Adina Allen
An article by JSP Co-Founder and Creative Director, Rabbi Adina Allen that provides context for approaching creativity as a spiritual practice and offers some practical suggestions for getting started.
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