Written and animated by Hanan Harchol, Jewish Food For Thought: The Animated Series, is a collection of engaging animated conversations between Hanan and his parents that explore Jewish teachings on themes such as forgiveness, love, gratitude, and many others. This project was created with generous funding by The Covenant Foundation, with Fiscal Sponsorship by FJC and The Foundation for Jewish Culture. Study Guides included by Rabbi Leora Kaye and Beth Huppin.
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KINDNESS ( Chesed )
What is it about a selfless act of kindness that makes it so special? Does kindness just affect the person on the receiving end or also the person giving it, and if so, how? And maybe most importantly: what gets in the way of kindness and what can be done to overcome the obstacles? Watch all episodes at
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Landlord Theme: Forgiveness
Why would you want to forgive someone who has wronged you? Is there any benefit to forgiving? Is there a “right” time to forgive? And what does religion have to do with it? Come to think of it, does religion have anything to do with it?
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Love & Fear (Part 1)
What is love really all about? Are there different kinds of love? How much does giving have to do with love? How much of love is about yourself, how much is about others and, what do fish have to do with it?!
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The Power of the Earth Theme: Humility
Can being humble actually be a source of strength? What does it mean to be “like the earth?” How can I let go of needing the recognition of others, and if I support the advancement of others, can it lead to my own growth as well? What does it mean to bend?
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Critic Theme: Judging Others Favorably
JEWISH FOOD FOR THOUGHT, THE ANIMATED SERIES by Hanan Harchol, created with generous funding by The Covenant Foundation - Topic: Judging Others Favorably - Why does judging others negatively hurt us more than it hurts the person we judge? What information do we lose when we judge others negatively? What can we learn about our own faults from our negative judgments of another person? Why can we never know the full truth of another person’s experience? Is truth fixed or in flux? How can we judge favorably while ensuring that we are not being taken advantage of?
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Love & Fear (Part 3)
Is love related to fear, and if so, how? How can the space between two people actually bring you closer together? What can you learn from fear? And even when you are fearful, can you choose to trust?
Hanan Harchol400 ViewsSep 17 2020Trust,I-Thou,Faith,Ego,Love,Fear
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Love & Fear (Part 2)
Where does fear come from and what happens when you are afraid? How does fear affect your behavior and in particular how you treat the people around you ? Is fear based on real danger, or is it at least partially in our your head? And, are there ways to feel safe, even in frightening situations?
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How is faith an active experience? What do you have to do in order to have faith? Does faith have to be about God? How does what happens in your life affect your faith? And, really, what makes you think that the next time you reach out your hand to someone, they will shake it back?
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You Can Dance Theme: Gratitude
What is the relationship between gratitude and happiness? Why is gratitude so important? And, what does religion have to say about it? Does Judaism say anything unexpected?
Hanan Harchol1757 ViewsSep 14 2020Happiness,Gratitude,Hakarat Hatov
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Repair Theme: Apology/Teshuvah
When is the last time you genuinely apologized to someone for something you did? What makes an apology worthwhile? What steps do people need to take in order for an apology to be sincere? Do you think Judaism’s “opinion” will agree with yours?
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