Curious about Kabbalistic thought? Explore some themes of Chanukkah through the lens of some classic mystical texts, selected, explained, and translated by Rabbi Ami Silver.
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The Light of Unity: A Chanukkah Meditation Based on the writing of Rabbi Ami Silver
In a fractured and polarized world, many of us find ourselves seeking hope and unity within the brokenness. The Zohar - the core medieval text in the mystical thought of Kabbalah - offers a meditation on the light of a candle as a vision of Divine unity.
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Celebrating Chanukkah: The Hidden Light, Revealed based on the writing of Rabbi Ami Silver
Kabbalistic and Chassidic writings identify Chanukkah as a time in which this Hidden Light takes center stage. We are given special access to the Hidden Light. Rav Tzvi Elimelech Spiro ("Bnei Yissaschar") makes the connection between the Hidden Light and the Chanukkah menorah.
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Chanukkah: The Holiday of Unwritten Miracles based on the writing of Rabbi Ami Silver
Why doesn't Chanukkah have a canonical text associated with it? Rav Tzadok Hakohen Rabinowitz answers the question and explores the unique quality of the miracle of Chanukkah and its ongoing reverberations throughout the generations of exile.
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