Sheets that explore the connection between Jewish texts and the practice of the healing professions
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'Round Midnight
Midnight is a busy time in Jewish tradition...
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Jacob - the Work of the Dying
A look at the "work" done by people approaching death through the lens of the last days of Ya'akov
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You Have Sat Too Long In the Valley of Tears
How long is too long to dwell in grief?
Jonathan Weinkle116 ViewsOctober 6, 2022Lecha Dodi,Laws of Mourning,Grief
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The Greatest Principle? (Copy)
Founding principles of Judaism - are they also founding principles of healing and medicine?
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"And he shall surely heal" - the permission or obligation to provide medical treatment
Source texts on the permission or obligation to heal, the religious attitude one should have while seeking treatment, and the other obligations that go along with it.
Jonathan Weinkle102 ViewsMarch 27, 2024Medicine,Healing
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Shame, Guilt, Anger and Rebuke in 21st Century Medicine
Sources for a Jewish Medical Ethics symposium addressing the topic of shame and rebuke in medicine.
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Two Heads Are Better than One: Parashat Vayetze 5783
Meanings of the words ויפגע and מראשותיו in Parashat Vayetze; how person affects place and vice versa.
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The Greatest Principle?
Founding principles of Judaism - are they also founding principles of healing and medicine?
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From The Narrow Place I Called To You: The Passover Haggadah as a Text for Healing
A sampling of texts from the Haggadah that illustrate how the Exodus narrative can be used to help create a healing narrative. For an upcoming "Healers Haggadah." First presented at the Conference on Medicine and Religion, Portland, OR, March 14, 2022 (11 Adar 2, 5782).
Jonathan Weinkle233 ViewsFebruary 23, 2022Seder,Pesah,Healing,Haggadah
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Friends as Healers
Originally a session for teens at Congregation Beth El in the Twin Cities, on the spiritual and practical meaning of a friend or the Hebrew ידיד
Jonathan Weinkle155 ViewsOctober 27, 2019Friendship
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Jewish Medical Micro-ethics: Ideal and Real
Textual sources on the healer-patient relationship.
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The Tree of "Everybody Knows That"
What knowledge did Adam and Eve gain from the Tree of Knowledge, and why did Hashem punish them? Text, Targum, and Rambam.
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Recognizing and Responding to Trauma
What does the experience of trauma look like? What distinguishes it from simple loss or grief? How does one respond to it in a Jewish fashion?
Jonathan Weinkle207 ViewsFebruary 10, 2020Trauma
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Three Healers Who Listen
לעילוי נשמותיהם של יהודה בן יחזקאל ויוסף בן היימן ביום שנה למותם על קידוש השם לכבוד דניאל בן אברהם ושרה, שעוד מקדש את השם בדבריו ובחייו עד היום In memory of Jerry Rabinowitz, MD and Richard Gottfried, DDS on their first yahrzeit. They died sanctifying the Divine Name. In honor of Dan Leger, RN, who continues to sanctify the name with his words and deeds.
Jonathan Weinkle635 ViewsNovember 11, 2019Healing,Listening
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Burnout, or Moral Injury? What Nadav and Avihu Can Teach Us About the Healing Professions
How does the literal "burning out" of Nadav and Avihu provide insight into the figurative burnout of dedicated healing professionals like nurses, physicians and paramedics trying to reconcile impossible, conflicting demands?
Jonathan Weinkle742 ViewsMarch 27, 2019Aaron,Nadav and Avihu
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