Source Sheets focused on the frum observance of the feasts, fasts, and other moedim of Jewish life
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Passover: Defining Kosher l'Pesach
Different Jewish communities have different definitions of "kosher l'Pesach," and those differences don't end with the allowance or prohibition of kitniyot.
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Purim: The Whole Megillah
Herein, the details pertaining to the writing of a Megillat Esther are laid out. Included are elements involving structure, physical qualities, and liturgical additions.
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How Do You Shpiel Chanukah?
An examination of our favorite Chanukah traditions - from a focus on the Sages and their insights - to answer the question of "how do we 'shpiel' Chanukah?"
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Chanukah: Festival of Lights
With so many voices decrying the miracle of the oil as "a late embellishment to the Chanukah story" or even "fabricated to avoid Roman interpretation of Chanukah as inciting revolt," we herein examine early sources pointing to its validity.
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Mimouna: A Mouthwatering Moroccan Moed
What is Mimouna? Since at least as far back as the mid-18th century CE, the Jews of the North African diaspora have had a tradition of holding a special feast the day after the end of Unleavened Bread to celebrate freedom and a return to eating leavened foods. Though a recent tradition, some ancient traditions are incorporated.
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The Tenth of Tevet & The Mourning After
Asara b'Tevet (the Tenth/Fast of Tevet) is a day of mourning with many different facets to it. The historical elements are long established in Jewish memory, but there is also a more modern aspect to it as well. This sheet presents the long history of this day of mourning.
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