A collection of source sheets used in teachings that bring fat liberation and Torah into conversation with one another.
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Restriction as sinful
These texts can form the basis for a discussion of restrictive eating as problematized by Jewish tradition.
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A combination of some traditional selichot liturgy with songs of caring for ourselves and one another.
Minna Bromberg276 ViewsSeptember 13, 2020Fat Torah,Fat Liberation,Selichot
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Human Worth
Texts on being created in the image of the Divine to deepen our thinking about fat liberation as the radical notion that fat people are people
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Shmita Sources
Texts around Shmita; for use in discussing what it means to "let go" and even to "let ourselves go."
Minna Bromberg266 ViewsOctober 3, 2021Fat Torah,Shmita,Body,Fat Liberation
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Welcoming Ourselves Home: Hakhnasat Orkhim
Texts on Hachnasat Orchim, welcoming guests. Can be used to talk about welcoming all bodies in our homes and our communities.
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שמן in Tanakh (verb) Fatness as complacency
Looks at how שמן is used as a verb in Tanakh. It often seems to be associated with complacency. What can this teach us about fatness and fat liberation?
Minna Bromberg251 ViewsDecember 12, 2021Fat Torah,Fat Liberation
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שמן in Tanakh (adjective)
Looking at how שמן is used as an adjective in Tanakh and what we can learn from this about fatness.
Minna Bromberg265 ViewsDecember 12, 2021Fat Liberation,Fat Torah
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Song of Songs as Loving the Body as It Is
Big chunks of the Song of Songs that serve as a starting point for talking about loving the body as it is.
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Sacred Speech: the power of words to create and destroy
Sources to help us explore how we talk about food, bodies, fatness, and health in interpersonal and communal settings.
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Writing our own Torah or "Nothing about us without us"
Invites a conversation on fat liberation, uplifting fat voices, and the importance of "nothing about us without us."
Minna Bromberg263 ViewsNovember 13, 2022
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A jumping off point for discussing desirability and the politics of desirability from a fat liberatory perspective.
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Shmirat HaNefesh: is being "healthy" an obligation?
Explores and reexamines texts around "shmirat hanefesh" through a fat liberatory lens.
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שמן למאור luminous fat
Texts on "shemen la'maor" for exploring and celebrating Chanukah's miracle of fat
Minna Bromberg325 ViewsNovember 28, 2022
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בריא in Tanakh
Minna Bromberg296 ViewsDecember 5, 2021
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