Source sheets on topics related to Sukkot, Hoshana Rabba, Shmini Atzeret, and Simchar Torah.
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How Do We Know Pri Etz Hadar Means Etrog?
It is incontrovertible that the phrase in the Torah pri etz hadar refers to the etrog which must be owned and taken on the holiday of Sukkot mi-di-Orayta. But how exactly do we know this—and what could it mean for our understanding of mesorah?
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בין "פרי עץ הדר" לאתרוג
What is the source of our knowledge that the phrase pri etz hadar in the Torah means an etrog (citron)?
Tamar Ron Marvin820 ViewsJuly 25, 2022Halakhah,Etrog,Sukkot
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Shmini Atzeret, A Day of Divine Closeness
My translation of a passage from Pesikta de-Rav Kahana wich presents a beautiful mashal that emphasizes the Divine closeness we experience on Shmini Atzeret.
Tamar Ron Marvin180 ViewsOctober 4, 2022Divine Presence,Shmini Atzeret
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Hoshana Rabba: The Final Judgment?
The season of judgement is usually thought of as the period from Rosh Hashana through the ten days of repentance to Yom Kippur. But is Hoshana Rabba really Yom ha-Din (the Day of Judgement)?
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The Development of Simchat Torah
Simchat Torah has ancient roots, but has evolved and developed substantially from the Gaonic period until modernity. It is uniquely shaped by the conditions of diaspora but continues to be a beloved occasion in modern Israel.
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