Yihya Qafih

Chief Rabbi of Sana'a, Yemen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, known for his work "Milchamot Hashem" which questions the authenticity and origin of the Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah in general. He founded the 'Dor Deah' movement in Yemen, with the aim of combatting the influence of the Zohar and modern Kabbalah which were then pervasive in Yemenite Jewish life, and to restore what he believed to be a rational approach to Judaism rooted in authentic sources, including the Talmud, Saadia Gaon and especially Maimonidesמחכמי תימן בתחילת מאה ה-20, ידוע במלחמתו נגד ספר הזוהר והקבלה ולמען חזרתה של יהדות תימן לפסיקת ההלכה לפי הרמב"ם והרס"ג.
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