Shlomo ben Shimon Duran

Solomon ben Simon Duran (Rashbash) (שלמה בן שמעון דוראן), was born in Algiers and was the son and successor of Simon ben Zemah Duran. Known for his prodigious Talmudic knowledge, he was the author of many responsa and polemics, including one against the Kabbalah. His defence of the Talmud from attacks by the Christian convert Geronimo de Santa Fé in 1437 was published under the title Milḥemet Ḥovah, and Setirat Emunat ha-Noẓerim, after the second part of his father's Ḳeshet u-Magen. His treatise Tikkun Soferim, which has frequently been ascribed to his father, is printed as an appendix to the work Yavin Shemu'ah. A letter he wrote to Nathan Najara as well as a dirge have been preserved in manuscript.בנו של הרב שמעון בן צמח (רשב"ץ), מילא מקום אביו כרבה של מצרים. מלבד תשובותיו (שו"ת הרשב"ש), חיבר ספר "מלחמת מצוה" בו הוא משיב להתקפותיו של המומר הלורקי על התלמוד, ו"תיקון סופרים" הנדפס כתוספת לספרו של אביו "יבין שמועה". בכתב יד נמצא מכתבו לר' נתן נג'ארה וקינה בשם "שמים לבשו קדרות".
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