Shlomo ben Yitzhak, best known by the acronym "Rashi", was an early and influential medieval Torah and Talmud commentator. He was born in Troyes, France, and as a young man he studied in the yeshivot of Worms and Mainz. At the age of twenty-five he returned to Troyes and opened his own yeshiva. He supported his family and his yeshiva by growing grapes and producing and selling wine. Widely known as the father of all commentators, his commentary on the Bible and Talmud is considered an indispensable tool for Torah study. He described his aim as clarifying the "peshat" or "plain-sense" meaning of each verse. He was also a posek who authored responsa.שלמה בן יצחק, הידוע על פי ראשי התיבות "רש"י", היה פרשן קדום ובעל השפעה שפירש את התנ"ך והתלמוד. הוא חי בימי הביניים בצרפת. ידוע כ"אבי כל הפרשנים", ופירושו על התנ"ך ותלמוד נחשב לכלי הכרחי ללימוד התורה. המטרה שלו הייתה הבהרת הפשט, המשמעות הפשוטה של כל פסוק. רש"י עסק גם בפסקי הלכה וחיבר שו"תים.
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