Johanan Treves

Italian rabbi and scholar in the early 16th century. He was also an author, publisher, and writer of responsa. Widely known is his commentary on the festival prayer book according to the Roman rite, published anonymously under the title 'Kimcha D'Avishuna' (Bologna, 1540). He was extremely active as a proofreader of midrashic works and in the establishment of accurate readings of the tractates he studied with his pupils. His glosses to the Halakhot of R' Isaac Alfasi (Rif), his approbations to the works of his contemporaries, and his responsa, are extant today. He also compiled a commentary on the laws of kosher slaughter and the halakhot of issur v'heter of the Mordekhai by Mordekhai b. Hillel (Venice, 1550). His piyutim and poems are also known. Of his three sons the best known is Raphael Joseph who was a posek, as well as a book publisher.