From the four questions to the ten plagues to the thirteen verses of “Who Knows One (Echad mi Yode’a)”, numbers keep popping up throughout the seder. Learning about and playing with the numbers can help you to explore and have fun with your children during the Passover seder. This collection of sheets helps you to more deeply explore the Haggadah and to find questions and ideas to discuss with your students or family.
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Who Knows Four?
The Passover seder is an organized experience with plenty of opportunity for creativity and fun. In this sheet we will be looking at some of the numbers in the Haggadah.
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Four Cups of Wine
It is customary to begin Shabbat and holidays by reciting kiddush and drinking one cup of wine or grape juice. Why at the Passover seder do we drink four cups?
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Learning by Questioning: Four Questions
Why do we ask questions at the seder? Why might it be ok to skip the recitation of the four questions?
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The Four Children: Wise, Rebellious, Simple, and Quiet
A look at the questions of the four children of the Passover seder, the answers they receive and discussion questions that can be used before or during the seder.
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