What was the merit of the women for which we were redeemed from Egypt?
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Zipporah and Being Righteous
What made Zipporah righteous?
Liz Levin156 ViewsApril 8, 2022Righteousness,Moses and Zipporah
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Miriam the Prophet
Who was Miriam, and why is she referred to as a prophet in her own right?
Liz Levin175 ViewsApril 4, 2022Miriam,Prophecy,Women
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Yocheved & Batya and the Power of Names
What are the names of the women in Moses's adoption story?
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Shifra & Puah and Civil Disobedience
Examining the story of Shifra and Puah and what it can teach us about the morality of civil disobedience.
Liz Levin205 ViewsMarch 22, 2022Shifrah and Puah,Civil Disobedience
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