Following along with the weekly Torah portions, looking at the development of our national identity and memory.
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How does Matzah help tell our story?
Why do we eat matzah? Is it to symbolize slavery or freedom?
Liz Levin172 ViewsJanuary 24, 2023Matzah,Passover
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Song of the Sea
Looking at the structure and influence of Shirat Hayam.
Liz Levin408 ViewsJanuary 19, 2023Prayer,Songs,Shirat HaYam
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The Rescue: Pharaoh and the Ten Plagues
Texts describing all Ten Plagues
Liz Levin135 ViewsJanuary 4, 2023The Ten Plagues
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The Call: Moses at the Burning Bush
Text and commentaries on the story of the Burning Bush in Exodus 3
Liz Levin198 ViewsJanuary 9, 2023Moses at the Bush,Burning Bush
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