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Noticed: Looking Deeper
This text study looks to several of our Biblical leaders - Abraham, Sarah, and Moses - to learn about the personal qualities demonstrated by noticing others, by empathizing with their perspective, and by turning to look at the miraculous around us.
Rabbi Julia Appel277 ViewsJuly 4, 2023
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Named: What's In A Name?
This source sheet explores some ways in which the Jewish tradition understands our names -- how we get our names, different names we are called, when we might change our names, and the importance of our names.
Rabbi Julia Appel291 ViewsJuly 4, 2023
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Needed: Making Space for Gift
This text study focuses on why we need each person’s contributions in order to build community. What might the spiritual narrative of building the mishkan, the portable tabernacle in the desert, teach us about how to build spiritual community today?
Rabbi Julia Appel284 ViewsJanuary 16, 2023
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Known: Friends and Teachers
This text study focuses on the ingredients of deep friendship. What does it mean to know another person deeply? What do we gain when we have someone looking out for us? Does friendship mean we always agree?
Rabbi Julia Appel268 ViewsJune 28, 2023The Belonging Project
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