It's history, structure, and narrative arc.
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The Amidah: Prayers of Thanksgiving
The closing prayers of the Amida
Liz Levin104 ViewsAugust 9, 2023Amida
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The Amidah: Prayers of Request
Understanding the story told by the intermediate prayers of the Amidah.
Liz Levin161 ViewsJuly 26, 2023Amidah
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The Amidah: Prayers of Praise
A quick look at the introductory prayers of the Amidah
Liz Levin133 ViewsJuly 18, 2023Amida
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History of the Amidah
Origin and structure of the Amidah
Liz Levin97 ViewsJuly 13, 2023Amida
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