A collection of sheets on the topic of gratitude and thanking. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any discussion of gratitude.
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We Gratefully Thank You
Five examples of Jewish prayers of thanks. When are they said? How specific is our thanks? Discussion questions follow each prayer.
Rachel Buckman953 ViewsNovember 5, 2019Gratitude,Hallel,Thanksgiving
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What Does it Mean to be Grateful?
A series of texts representing a Jewish journey towards understanding the different forces and feelings that cause us to offer thanks.
Sefaria Education5353 ViewsNovember 12, 2019Gratitude,Thanksgiving
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Intergenerational Chavruta: Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition (School Edition)
Start a new Thanksgiving tradition of grandchild/grandparent, parent/child, or any other combination of intergenerational learning. This sheet takes you through the steps for a successful intergenerational learning program.
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All By Myself? A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan
A teacher's guide to accompany the student "All By Myself?" lesson.
Sefaria Education1232 ViewsOctober 29, 2019Thanksgiving,Gratitude,Appreciation
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All By Myself?
A look into the importance of being grateful and ways to express our gratitude.
Sefaria Education2248 ViewsOctober 8, 2019Thanksgiving,Gratitude,Appreciation
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What does it mean to be a Yehudi?
What's in a name? What names do you know of for the collective Jewish people, and what do they suggest about the Jewish people's mission and character? What can the original Hebrew word for Jews, Yehudim, teach us about the values Jews are meant to hold dear?
Loren Berman1422 ViewsNovember 12, 2020Yehudah,Gratitude,Thanksgiving,Yehuda
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Intergenerational Chavruta: Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition (Family Edition)
This Thanksgiving, whether your family is physically in the same place or connecting from afar, you can learn Torah together. This sheet shows you how to use Sefaria's Chavruta feature and provides a variety of texts and discussion questions to get you started.
Sefaria Education695 ViewsNovember 17, 2020Chavruta,Thanksgiving
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