A collection of Sukkot resources suitable for a variety of ages and learning environments
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Finding Joy in All the Right Places
An exploration of texts speaking about the role of joy and happiness and how we can attain it.
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Scaling Back - A Sukkot Conversation Starter
A conversation starter for the holiday of Sukkot. Why do we live in sukkot during the holiday? What do we learn from living minimally and being exposed to the elements?
Sefaria Education2316 ViewsAugust 1, 2019Sukkah,Sukkot,Empathy,Appreciation
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How To Shake a Lulav
Exploring the how's and why's of shaking the lulav.
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Read it Again! - A Simchat Torah Family Discussion Guide
In this family discussion guide, reasons for reading the Torah each year will be looked at on three different levels, to provide conversation starters for children of all ages.
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It's a Cloud, It's a Hut...It's a Sukkah!
Is the sukkah commemorating the literal booths the Israelites lived in in the desert? Or the divine clouds that sheltered them?
Sefaria Education5463 ViewsAugust 5, 2020Sukkot,Sukkah
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Ushpizin: Welcoming Virtual Guests
What's the value of being welcoming when we can't host people physically, and how do we decide whose presence we yearn for in these celebratory moments?
Sefaria Education2635 ViewsSeptember 14, 2020Hospitality,Ushpizin,Sukkah,Sukkot
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Be Happy - It's Sukkot!
Discovering the joy in leaving the comfort of our warm, modern, spacious homes to sit in small, impermanent huts that are exposed to the elements.
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Sukkot and Housing Insecurity
On Sukkot, we are taught that there is only complete joy when everyone - including and especially the marginalized in our communities - is celebrating joyfully as well. Though all holidays share this ethos to an extent, Sukkot can draw our attention specifically to those who are housing insecure and regularly uprooted from their own temporary dwellings.
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Put them Together and Shake
In this lesson students investigate the meaning and symbolism of the Arba Minim. The lesson includes class discussion questions and ideas for individual, creative activities. The lesson was written for students in grades 6-8 but can be adapted for other levels.
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Simchat Torah - Core Concepts
A collection of fundamental sources that provide a deeper understanding of the history and customs of Simchat Torah.
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