From deep dives into highlighted verses (and versions) led by Deborah Sacks Mintz to a verse-by-verse guide to the Hallel service with song recommendations, this is a place to gather melodies and teachings related to Tehilim from the faculty of Hadar's Rising Song Institute.
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Songs for Times of Distress
Our hearts are broken in this terrifying moment, as we stand in support of our friends, family, and everyone in Israel. Join us as we sing and pray for the return of Israeli hostages and for peace and safety.
Rising Song Institute3354 ViewsOctober 9, 2023Healing,Psalms,Prayers
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Achat Sha'alti (Psalm 27:4)
Singing the Psalms w/ Deborah Sacks Mintz. Originally broadcast live from the Rising Song Institute's Facebook page on August 18, 2020.
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Musical Hallel: Suggested Melodies for Verses of Praise
The Hallel service for Rosh Chodesh with audio-visual accompaniment from Rising Song Records and friends. Send us your suggestions! [email protected]
Rising Song Institute2684 ViewsOctober 18, 2020Hallel,Prayer,Rosh Chodesh,Psalms
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