Exposition and Elucidation of Etz Yosef's Explanation on Shemoneh Esrei (to be printed BE"H!)
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Ata Chonein - Etz Yosef
Etz Yosef Ata Chonein
Beau Belkin88 ViewsApril 30, 2023Shemoneh Esrei
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Es Tzemach - Etz Yosef
Es Tzemach
Beau Belkin89 ViewsMay 11, 2023Shemoneh Esrei
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Hashiva Shofteinu - Etz Yosef
Beau Belkin77 ViewsJune 27, 2023Shemoneh Esrei
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Barech Aleinu - Etz Yosef
Barech Aleinu
Beau Belkin88 ViewsJune 21, 2023Shemoneh Esrei
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Modim - Etz Yosef
Not PublishedBeau Belkin70 ViewsNovember 14, 2022Shemoneh Esrei
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V'Lirushalaim - Etz Yosef
Beau Belkin94 ViewsDecember 25, 2022Shemoneh Esrei
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Retzei - Etz Yosef
Beau Belkin86 ViewsMay 3, 2023Shemoneh Esrei
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Shema Koleinu - Etz Yosef
Shema Koleinu
Beau Belkin85 ViewsNovember 18, 2022Shemoneh Esrei
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Sim Shalom - Etz Yosef
Beau Belkin78 ViewsNovember 9, 2022Shemoneh Esrei
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