Source Sheets for OSRUI Summer 2021
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Courage - Ometz Lev (Copy)
Not PublishedJennifer Frost62 ViewsJul 28 2021Courage
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Seek Discomfort (Copy)
Exploring the Middah of Ometz Lev and what we need to do in times of Darkness to cultivate that characteristic.
Not PublishedJennifer Frost57 ViewsJul 28 2021Ometz Lev,Strength,Courage,Darkness,Coronavirus
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Not PublishedJennifer Frost86 ViewsMay 19 2021
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Derech Eretz
Not PublishedRabbi Rachel Heaps69 ViewsJul 20 2021
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Rabbi Jill Crimmings145 ViewsMay 20 2021
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Sport Intensive
Rabbi Jill Crimmings128 ViewsMay 20 2021
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Music in the Hebrew Bible (Copy)
Not PublishedJennifer Frost67 ViewsJun 17 2021Song,Shofar,Music
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Ometz Lev Source Sheet
Not PublishedJay Rapoport68 ViewsJun 9 2021
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STEM texts
Not PublishedRabbi Rachel Heaps65 ViewsMay 18 2021
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Tzumet Lev
Not PublishedRabbi Rachel Heaps60 ViewsMay 18 2021
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