Looking at modern social issues through the lens of characters from the Purim story.
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The Four Mitzvot (Commandments) of Purim
A source sheet combining objects from the National Library of Israel with text sources and guiding questions.
Not PublishedLiz Levin71 ViewsMarch 14, 2022National Library of Israel,Commandments,Megillah,Purim,Mitzvot
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Achashverosh and the Politics of Manipulation
Was Achashverosh responsible for what happened in Megillat Esther?
Liz Levin109 ViewsJanuary 11, 2022Ahasuerus and Haman,Ahasuerus and Esther
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Esther and the Pressures of Assimilation
What does Esther have to teach us about the balance between maintaining our Judaism and assimilating into the culture around us?
Liz Levin114 ViewsJanuary 19, 2022Esther,Assimilation
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Mordechai and the Ethics of War
Did Mordechai follow the Jewish rules of war?
Liz Levin130 ViewsJanuary 24, 2022Rules of War,Mordechai,Ethics
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Haman and the Cycle of Revenge
Why did Haman really go after Mordechai?
Liz Levin155 ViewsFebruary 7, 2022Haman,Revenge
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Vashti and #MeToo
What does Vashti have to teach us about the #MeToo movement
Liz Levin121 ViewsJanuary 6, 2022Purim,Women
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Zeresh and White Privilege
What can Zeresh teach us about white privilege?
Liz Levin163 ViewsFebruary 14, 2022White Privilege,Zeresh,Purim
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Bigtan & Teresh and the Quest for Whiteness
Are Jews part of or apart from the surrounding culture?
Liz Levin270 ViewsFebruary 17, 2022Bigthan,Teresh
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