I produced this collection of three source sheets on kashrut as a self-study resource for students taking an introductory course on Jewish texts as part of their university degree in Religious Studies. It is therefore aimed at an audience with little to no prior understanding of Judaism. The sheets in this collection assume a basic knowledge of the main textual sources (Torah, Talmud, later commentaries), and offer (a) practice in reading different kinds of Jewish text and perceiving the relationship between various commentaries and (b) a very basic introduction to the key principles of kashrut, with no assumption of any prior knowledge or understanding of this area of study. Each sheet contains a number of questions meant to either check comprehension or encourage further reflection.
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Kashrut 101: Milk and Meat
Alana Vincent834 ViewsAugust 6, 2022
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Kashrut 101: Shechita
Alana Vincent1727 ViewsAugust 6, 2022
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