A study and course guide for Judaism Disrupted: A Spiritual Manifesto for the 21st Century
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Judaism Disrupted Study Guide: Introduction and Table of Contents
Introduction to the study guide for Judaism Disrupted including Table of Contents and instructions for the teacher
Michael Strassfeld220 ViewsJanuary 6, 2023Judaism Disrupted
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What Is Judaism Disrupted?
A core text for Judaism Disrupted is a teaching of the Sefat Emet that the whole Torah is about freedom
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Core Principle #1: Created in the Image of God
What does it mean to be created in the image of God? What is the nature of human beings? Eating of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.
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Core Principle #2: Living in a moral universe
What is the significance of God proclaiming at the end of each day of creation ki tov--it was good? The commandment to do what is right and good. Creating a good society
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Core Principle #3: Living with awareness
Understanding rituals as awareness practice. Morning rituals. Mezuzah
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Core Principle #4: Engaging in social justice
Abraham and social justice, speaking truth to power, Concepts such as areivut/responsibility, accompaniment/levayah, kofin/compelling righteous behavior, Midat S'dom, going beyond the law, gemilut hasadim is better than tzedakah, compromise
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Core Principle #5: Finding Holiness Everywhere
Importance of the concept of holiness/kedusha. Holiness and Shabbat, The holiness of the everyday/avodah she-be-gashmiyut as found in Hasidism
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Core Principle #6: Caring for the planet
The inadequacy of bal tashchit for environmental practice because it is anthropocentric. Tum'ah/pollution as a possible principle. Recognizing the value of all living and non-living elements in the universe. Desecrating the planet is a hillul hashem/God's name
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Core principle #7: Wrestling with God
Four topics: The nature of God; the end of traditional prayer; a new definition of idolatry; how God fails us: loss and death
Michael Strassfeld42 ViewsFebruary 7, 2023God,Prayer,Loss,Idolatry
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Core principle #8: Working on our Inner Qualities
Inner qualities. A "new" category of commandments--mitzvot bein adam l'atzmo, cultivating the quality of satisfaction
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Core principle #9: Turning and Returning: Teshuvah
An exploration of a Hasidic notion of teshuvah involving acknowledging imperfection and transformation. Exploration of four texts, one of the Besht, two of Nahman of Bratslav and one of the Sefat Emet
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Core principle #10: Be a Lifelong Learner
Reflections on studying Torah.
Michael Strassfeld26 ViewsFebruary 9, 2023Lifelong Learning,Studying Torah
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Core principle #11: Living in an Open Society
Suggestions on how to discuss the chapter in Judaism Disrupted about Living in an open society including community and Israel
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Final Words
The conclusion: Rashi's comment on the last verse of Torah. First example of Judaism Disrupted. The 613th commandment--writing a sefer torah. A text on God and truth and the greatness of human beings. The Anshei Knesset Ha-gedolah
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