Shiurim prepared for delivery by Howard Karesh, [email protected]. Supplemental material not included in the source sheets may have been used to augment what's already included.
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An Overview of Hilchot Bishul Howard Karesh, January 19, 2021
A basic overview of the major categories of Hilchot Bishul, with a few examples. Material prepared by Rav Elyada Goldwicht for the Semichas Chaver Program. Handwritten notes are my own. ~hnk
Not PublishedHoward Karesh684 ViewsMay 20, 2021Hilchot Bishul,Hilchot Shabbat,Shabbat
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The Aron Kodesh and Luchot - By the Numbers KINS STEMM Series, May 25, 2021 Howard Karesh
How big was the Aron Kodesh created by Betzalel? What's a cubit? What was inside? What was actually written on the Luchot HaBrit?
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Crisis of Faith, Faith in a Crisis An Approach to Emunah Howard Karesh, Shavuot 5781
How do we approach faith during times of crisis? The stories of Tanach, the Rambam and modern scholars show us how.
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