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HaMotzi Lechem: Freedom & Food
For some people, HaMotzi can be a challenging encounter with the wilderness of disordered eating. How can we embrace HaMotzi as an opportunity to tap into wonder and gratitude for sustenance?
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Anorexia Recovery: A Jewish Coping Strategy for Guilt over Eating More
There's nothing inherently wrong with eating more — but anorexia will try to convince you otherwise. This sheet uses the story of Joseph feeding Benjamin to counter disordered thoughts around eating more.
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Out of the Narrow Place: A Jewish Framework for Anorexia Recovery
Anorexia is the embodiment of Mitzrayim/the Narrow Place. This sheet explores anorexia recovery from the Jewish lens of leaving the Narrow Place and living more fully. It ends with five ideas to put into your own recovery practice!
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An Embodied Spiritual Practice for Drinking Water
What could it be like to uplift the act of drinking water into something spiritual? This sheet explores water's Jewish significance and introduces a simple embodied blessing practice for drinking water.
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