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A Jewish Approach to Food Justice
A holistic discussion on food justice. What wisdom does our Jewish heritage provide as guidance for this vital element of humanity? Come learn about food justice issues pertinent to our Southern Arizona region and lessons for the U.S. on a national level. Originally published March 6, 2017 at
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Jerusalem Post Interview with R. Haskel Lookstein and R. Yitz Greenberg, May 3 2008
Originally published October 20, 2009 at
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Feeding the Hungry
This source sheet looks at Torah sources on poverty and specifically feeding the hungry. Originally published July 30, 2009 at
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How food, the environment, and hunger and poverty are inter-related in the Torah. Originally published October 21, 2010 at
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Shavuot: From Charity and Dependecy to Dignity and Sustainability
Text Study connecting themes of Shavuot to food aid. Originally published April 29, 2010 at
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