Why do we count the omer? How do we count the omer? This collection includes sheets which delve into all aspects of counting the omer.
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Easy as 1, 2, 3: How to Count the Omer
Everything you need to know in order to count the omer between Passover and Shavuot.
Sefaria Education3712 ViewsMarch 31, 2021Counting,Omer,Sefirat Ha'Omer
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Who Knows 49? The Many Things We Count
In the Jewish tradition, we count all kinds of things throughout the year. This sheet highlights a few of the things we count, and one, in particular, which we really don't like to count!
Sefaria Education1726 ViewsMarch 31, 2021Counting,Omer,Lag BaOmer
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Counting Towards Revelation
Rebecca Rosenthal776 ViewsApril 30, 2020Omer
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The Counting of the Omer
A rabbinic understanding of the counting of the Omer
Ben Herman889 ViewsApril 15, 2021Parshat Emor,Shavuot,Omer
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