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Art on the book of Judges: Women as victims
Women as victims in the book of Judges epitomize the breakdown of society in that era. Artists attempt to understand the details and significance of their tragedies
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom230 ViewsMay 8, 2023Art,Midrash,Bible
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Art on the Book of Judges: Dominant women
An unusually large number of women appear in the Book of Judges. This essay examines how artists picture the dominant women of Judges - leaders, heroines and femmes fatales
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom423 ViewsMay 13, 2023Art,Midrash,Bible
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The Life of Moses in Art
Various aspects of Moses' character and role in the Torah and in later Jewish tradition are treated by artists, each of whom imagines Moses in accordance with the beliefs of their times, communities and religions.
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom720 ViewsMarch 29, 2023Midrash,Bible,Art
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The Splitting of the Red Sea in Art
The splitting of the Red Sea and its crossing by the people of Israel is the culmination of their escape from the bondage in Egypt. How have artists pictured the miracle itself, the role of the people and the role of Moses?
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom872 ViewsMarch 25, 2023Midrash,Art,Bible
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David in art
David - hero, singer, king - is the focus of much Jewish and Christian art, especially connected with his role as progenitor of the messiah
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom1611 ViewsJuly 10, 2023Art,Bible,Midrash
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Elijah the prophet in art
The eccentric character, Elijah the prophet, is the subject of much Jewish, Christian and Muslim artwork, sometimes linked to biblical stories and often to later midrashim and interpretations of his adventures.
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The Alphabet in Art
The alphabet as the basic unit of written language has a strong place within Jewish tradition and mysticism, especially regarding Creation and Revelation. How has the alphabet been treated by artists?
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom288 ViewsOctober 4, 2023Midrash,Bible,Art
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The Story of Ruth in Art
The scroll of Ruth is the bible's special expression of hesed - charity, caring. But artists show that the scroll also deals with the economic and emotional difficulties of women in biblical times.
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The desert wanderings at Dura Europos
Among the many paintings from the third century synagogue of Dura Europos, one has been identified as depicting Moses at a well. How did the artist understand this scene and what midrashic sources did he or she use
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom394 ViewsSeptember 23, 2023Bible,Art,Midrash
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Cain and Abel in Art
The story of Cain and Abel is the first in a series of tales of fraternal rivalry in the book of Genesis. It has attracted much attention from Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists, who express their understandings of the meaning of the story in the details of their artwork
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom1213 ViewsMarch 26, 2023Midrash,Art,Bible
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Ezekiel - From Destruction to Restoration at Dura Europos
Among the paintings in the synagogue of Dura Europos, special place is given to the prophet Ezekiel's visions, and especially to the Valley of Dry Bones. How did the Durene artist imagine the prophet's extraordinary vision and its meaning for this 3rd century community?
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom647 ViewsAugust 9, 2023Midrash,Art,Bible
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Jacob's dream in art
Jacob's dream/ladder is his first encounter with God and a turning point in his life. Examination of the artwork on this story reveals a variety of readings of the man and the symbol
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom552 ViewsApril 30, 2023Midrash,Bible,Art
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Jacob's struggles in art
Jacob is frequently portrayed in conflict with others. Artists and other commentators hint at the internal struggle that these conflicts express.
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The Flood in art
Artistic interpretations of the story of Noah's ark relate mainly to the "reality" of life in close quarters under difficult circumstances.
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The story of Jonah the Prophet in art
While the story of Jonah the prophet is supposedly known to all, the book of Jonah contains many enigmas. Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists have expressed their reading of Jonah, by way of his physical characteristics and the fish that swallowed him
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom1383 ViewsJune 27, 2023Commentary,Midrash,Bible,Art
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The Song of Songs in art
Jewish, Christian and Muslim art are replete with representations of the Song of Songs, mainly interpreted allegorically.
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom1485 ViewsMay 23, 2023Song of Songs,Art,Midrash
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The Tower of Babel in Art
Why was the tower of Babel destroyed, who built it and what are its modern implicatons according to various artists?
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom436 ViewsJune 15, 2023Midrash,Art,Bible
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Birthright and Blessing in Art
Fraternal rivalry and inheritance, two of the major themes of Genesis, are treated extensively in the story of Jacob and Esau. Artists have depicted their relationship in a variety of ways, often influenced by literary midrash, which casted Esau as a villain
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom500 ViewsApril 11, 2023Bible,Art,Midrash
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The Cherubim in art
The cherubim - mysterious beings mentioned both as creatures and as images - appear some 90 times in the Bible. How are they envisioned by artists?
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom609 ViewsOctober 30, 2023Angels,Bible,Art
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The Ark and the Temple at Dura Europos
In the synagogue at Dura Europos, an entire row of paintings deals with the desert Tabernacle, the Jerusalem Temple and the Ark. How were these ancient elements of worship understood by the Jews of this Talmudic town
Joel Duman Jo Milgrom792 ViewsOctober 24, 2023Art,Bible,Midrash
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