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Schedule of Events
Not PublishedSefaria Education455 ViewsMay 9, 2021
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Introduction to Chavruta Roulette
Not PublishedSefaria Education79 ViewsMay 27, 2021
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Chavruta Roulette: Jewish Day School Edition
Not PublishedSefaria Education179 ViewsMay 27, 2021
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Great Sefaria Resources for Educators
A collection of resources for educators in all learning settings.
Not PublishedSefaria Education89 ViewsMay 26, 2021
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Learning and New Directions with Team Sefaria
Not PublishedSefaria Education71 ViewsJune 3, 2021
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Lunch and Sefaria 101
Not PublishedSefaria Education51 ViewsMay 30, 2021
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