Source sheets on classical Torah commentators (Rishonim) from the medieval period.
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Ibn Ezra and the "Secret of the Twelve"
Ibn Ezra wrote in his comment on Devarim 1:2, "If you understand the secret of the will recognize the truth." But what was the secret, and why did he conceal it? This source sheet explores the twelve passages in the Torah referenced by Ibn Ezra and their reception.
Tamar Ron Marvin10059 ViewsOctober 3, 2017Torah,Ibn Ezra,Textual,Medieval,Moses
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Rashi on Nadav & Avihu (Vayikra 10:2-6): A Dense Allusion of Midrashic Sources
A comprehensive source sheet on the perplexing story of Nadav and Avihu as developed by Rashi through the intentional use of a multitude of Midrashic sources.
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Methodological Comments of Major Mefarshim
Comments by Rashi, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, and Ramban about the methodology they chose and used for their Torah commentaries.
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Dirshuni! Calling Out for Explanation
What does it mean for something to call out for explanation?
Tamar Ron Marvin354 ViewsAugust 19, 2022Midrash,Famous Rashi,Parshanut
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The Bilaam Narrative: Biblical & Rabbinic Sources of the Medieval Commentators
The strange story of Bilaam, powerful seer who is nonetheless less prescient than his own talking donkey, is told in Parashat Balak. It is explored and expounded in the Tanakh itself and in rabbinic literature, forming the basis for the comments of the mefarshim.
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