15 Passover Ideas in 30 Minutes
1) Get in the Mood:
2) Find a Hevruta:
  • Do some research (easy on Sefaria!) Talk over a text on your next coffee break (Check out Sefaria's Passover Reading List or see what happens when you do a Sefaria search)
  • Talk and learn through the chores (download the app)
3) Be (Distantly) Social:
  • A sheet is just a webpage - share your ideas online, and include lots of media
  • Create a group
  • Find a friend or a teacher on Sefaria, with sidebar or search
4) Hold on to Old Customs:
5) Try Something New:
6) Collaborate with Others:
7) Invest Food - whatever it may be - with Meaning:
  • Learn more about Karpas, even if you don't have your normal favorite "green"
  • Take a deep dive into Yachatz, or find more Matzah resources on Sefaria
  • Make your wine / grape juice consumption count, with this sheet on the number of cups
8) Seize the Moment:
  • What resonates more in this moment?
  • What do you want to remember in the future? Explore that question with this sheet
9) Ask All the Questions
  • You can ask questions even if you are alone! Consider collecting some in advance
  • Encourage whoever you are with to bring all their questions - this sheet discusses the act of asking questions
10) Read a Good Book
  • There are so many on Sefaria! (a great sheet counts too)
  • Redeeming Relevance, Exodus, Essays by Rabbi Francis Nataf
  • Song of Songs, read by some on the Shabbat of Passover
  • Eight Chapters, Rambam's introduction to Pirkei Avot (Saying of the Fathers) which is often studied between Passover and Shavuot
11) Allow Space for Emotions:
12) Cultivate Gratitude:
  • Dayeinu is the perfect opportunity, and this sheet will help guide you
13) Create an Essentials-Based Menu:
14) Share a Song
  • Sometimes the songs get overlooked...even Hallel! Learn more about songs at the Seder here
15) Have Fun