Sefaria's Haggadah is ready online for you to explore, customize, and print. The library includes the full text of the Ashkenazi Haggadah and the Edot Hamizrach Haggadah. Click on any line of the text to discover related commentaries and sheets.
To create your own Haggadah for your family, class, or community, check out these steps below:
1) Getting started
2) Choose the core texts of your Haggadah
  • Sefaria sheets are fully editable, so feel free to include just the texts that speak to you for this educational experience. Draw on core experiences, memories from last year, or invite your community to select their favorites.
  • Hover over any text and click the "minus" button on the left to remove a text.
  • Click on any text in the Haggadah and use the "add to sheet" module in the resource panel to add that piece of text to a sheet. And don't forget the commentaries, which can also be added to your Haggadah.
3) Get creative! Add your own insights to the Haggadah
  • Artwork, photographs, audio recordings, and video all make powerful Haggadah enhancements. Encourage younger children to illustrate favorite parts of the story. Children with phones or cameras can take pictures, and anyone (with help from an adult) can create a recording. In the edit mode of the sheet, use the "media" button to upload an image or share a link from YouTube or Soundcloud.
4) Sharing your Haggadah