These virtual mock seder activities are meant to educate, engage, and connect people around Passover prep and the seder. Each may be used as is, or you can make a copy of the sheet and adapt it for a different setting or audience.
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DIY Haggadah
Organize your family, school, or community to create a customized Haggadah using one of Sefaria's templates.
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Finding the Afikoman - A Passover Scavenger Hunt Teacher's Guide
This is the teacher guide for a Passover scavenger hunt activity. Travel through the haggadah by answering clues until your students find the afikoman.
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Finding the Afikoman: A Haggadah Scavenger Hunt
This is the first of five clues which make up the afikoman scavenger hunt. Follow the directions to find the afikoman at the end.
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Dayenu: An Attitude of Gratitude
This lesson, based on Dayenu from the Passover seder, discusses the many facets of gratitude and how it impacts on the students' lives.
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So, You'd Like to Know About ... Explaining Your Favorite Part of the Seder
This lesson plan provides the structure for individual or group research projects. Students choose a section of the Passover Haggadah to research. Using resources on Sefaria, the students learn and present their findings about a favorite section of the Passover seder. The lesson is appropriate for middle school and high school students.
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Miriam & Moses: The B-Mitzvah Montage
In this lesson students delve into the lives of Miriam or Moses and present the highlights of their lives through creating a montage. The creative lesson is written for upper elementary or middle school students.
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T-Shirt Design to Teach the Seder!
This activity is geared for students in grades 4-8. Students learn a section of text from the haggadah and demonstrate their understanding by designing a t-shirt.
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How Many Ways Can We Tell The Story? Enhancing Shulchan Orech
How can you add more creativity and fun to the seder meal? This sheet provides teachers, parents, and children with project ideas for the Shulchan Orech, Festive meal, portion of the seder.
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Hallel: Singing a Song of Thanks
This activity can be used as part of a virtual model seder or as a discussion of Hallel.
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What's Most Important on your Seder Table?
This lesson is aimed toward students in grades 6-12 and delves into the symbols of the seder and the reasons behind them.
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Why do we Dip?
This lesson, which involves class discussion and chevruta/partner work, discusses the Karpas section of the Passover seder. The lesson can be adapted for different ages and levels of students.
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Yachatz: What Good is Broken Matzah?
This sheet explores the meaning of Yachatz, the stage in the seder when we break the middle matzah. It can be adapted for any age from middle school and up, including for adult learners.
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Pesach Seder - Urchatz/Karpas
Background/guide for the Urchatz/Karpas portion of the Seder, framed for families with children, but easily usable by other households, for community sedarim/study, or for teaching middle- and high school students.
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Interactive Collages: Blending Seder and Text
This lesson is intended for students in Grades 4-12. Students design an interactive collage of the seder to demonstrate knowledge. The sheet includes step-by-step instructions for the activity.
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Where is that Chametz?
A how-to guide for Bedikat Chametz which includes creative activities.
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Open for Business: Preparing for the Seder
This sheet gives directions for a PBL activity for upper elementary or middle school aged children. In the course of the activity, the children discover what is needed to prepare for a seder. They advertise for a fictitious business, which they imagine, that provides Passover preparation services. The activity is a fun and creative way to review or learn about the Passover seder and can be adapted for any learning environment.
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Korech: The Emotionally Intelligent Sandwich
In this lesson, students will analyze the how-to's and whys of the Korech section of the Passover seder and will reflect on how they manage different emotions and difficulties in their own lives. As written, the lesson is geared toward upper middle school and high school students but may be adapted for other ages.
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Magid: Arami Oved Avi/ My Father Was A Wandering Aramean
A learning and reflection guide to the "Arami Oved Avi"/"My father was a wandering Aramean" portion of Magid. Suitable for seder use, holiday preparation, or study; all ages middle school to adult.
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