In case you missed it... Tech Updates June 2021

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We work hard to bring you a continually better user experience on Sefaria. Here is a roundup of some tech and product updates we have made since the beginning of 2021. Click on an item below or scroll down to see some exciting updates.

New Resource Panel Design

Our team is excited to share a brand new, user-friendly design of Sefaria's resource panel (web version only!). On the Sefaria site, just click the passage you're reading to pull up connections, translations, and more. For details, check out the FAQ.

Help Center Updates

You can now access all FAQs in the Sefaria Help Center collection. Easily access the help center anytime on the Sefaria website by clicking your profile picture and selecting "Help." If you're not logged in, click the question mark in the upper right corner to access the Help Center.

Texts Page Reorganization

The library is growing so fast that we had to reorganize it! Texts should now be easier for you to locate on the Texts page. (We're excited to have added a Tosefta category including Professor Saul Lieberman's commentary and critical edition of the Tosefta!)

New Author Page Design

Did you know that each author in the Sefaria library has their own biographical page including their biography, works, time period, family members, and more? Explore all our author pages or search for your favorites in the search bar. (Here's Rashi's page!)

Dictionary Feature on Source Sheets

Want to look up a Hebrew word quoted in a source sheet? We've added the dictionary feature to sheets, so now you can! In any primary source, just highlight a Hebrew word to open the dictionary definition in the resource panel. (Tutorial here.)

Search Texts by Topic on the Sefaria App

Curious to explore Sefaria's texts by topic? We've now added this feature to our iOS and Android apps! Make sure you've updated your app to use this feature. Don't have the app? Download it now.

Opt Out of Reading History

Want to turn your Sefaria reading history off? Just click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen, click Account Settings, and select "Off" under your reading history. (Directions here.)

Search for Sefaria Users

The search bar isn't just for texts and topics anymore! Find your friends, rabbis, and favorite Jewish organizations by searching their names in the Sefaria search bar. Explore their sheets, then add your favorites to your collections!

View Talmudic Rabbis' Biographies

Curious to learn more about the rabbis mentioned in the Mishnah and Talmud? As you read, click on any Talmudic rabbi's name to pull up their biography right next to the passage. (Note: This feature is currently available on the web version only.)

New Related Web Pages in the Resource Panel

Looking for interesting perspectives on the texts you're reading? Find articles from over 75 outside organizations (and counting!) connected to Sefaria library texts. Just click on a verse, scroll down in the resource panel to "Web Pages," and visit the pages that pique your curiosity.

Did you miss our last round of tech updates? Catch up here!

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